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Evolution Stone Craft, Inc. combines the strength and beauty of natural stone with the superior value of stone veneer. Careful Craftsmanship and an exacting quality-control system ensure that our product reflects the colors, textures and distinctive features of stone, while providing you with a budget-friendly and attractive alternative. Popular for it's authenticity and its ability to enhance architectural interest, Evolution Stone Craft, Inc. offers a variety of colors and styles - from classic to contemporary - to complement any vision. With a variety of colors to complement each style of stone, Evolution Stone Craft, Inc. offers numerous options to meet your needs.


This most popular style blends the enduring look of hewn stone with classic, structured shapes. Cutstone is a realistic collection of squares and rectangles that works beautifully for both residential and commercial applications. Timeless and alluring, this stone is often chosen for large-scale installations such as home facades.


Authentically old-world, fieldstone is the most traditional style available. This stone is popular for its irregular and angular shape and textured face, which look convincingly natural. Fieldstone offers visual variety with a touch of rustic designs.


This dry-stack style of slim rectangles and squares creates a clean, contemporary look on any project. Because of its linear shape and smaller size, ledgestone is installer-friendly and ideal for exterior architectural accents such as pillars and piers. Ledgestone is also a popular choice for interior projects such as fireplaces and accent walls.

Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

All Evolution Stone Craft, Inc. products shall be free from defect in material, manufacturing and workmanship for a period of fifty years from the date of purchase. This includes chipping, cracking, flaking or unsightly color change or deterioration of the stone veneer product. The warranty excludes damages from faulty or improper installation, abuse, negligence or damage from fire and settlement or failure of the structure.

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